March 8, 2021

New SG8/SG10 Span Tables Booklet available

“SG10 is an engineering grade where design requires higher strength and/or stiffness:" says Bruce. "Some specifiers tend to think that SG10 is either not available at all, or hard to get. We produce plenty of extremely strong, independently verified SG10 pine at our Waipu sawmill. It’s available within reasonable timeframes from building supply merchants nationwide”.

Stuart Dale, director of consultancy firm Architectural Promotions, talks frequently with architects, engineers, designers and other specifiers striving to deliver innovation and efficiencies for their clients. He says SG10 literally ‘bridges the gap’ between SG8 and Engineered wood products. In some cases, an entire row of foundation piles can be eliminated.

“Northpine’s new 28 page Span Tables booklet is a very helpful tool that highlights the advantages of SG10. You can achieve increased spans, optimise stud centres and reduce timber volumes,“ says Stuart. “SG10 is about 20% dearer than SG8, but our calculations show LVLs are about 80% more expensive. These are substantial benefits, so I’m sure specifiers will not only want to use the new Span Tables, but will appreciate being able to design more efficient solutions for their clients”.

Download the new SG8/SG10 Span Tables here

Stuart Dale

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