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Download the Northbeam Product List, SG8/SG10 Span Tables booklet and SG10 Info Guide

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Below are some recent projects that have utilised the superior strength of Northpine's Northbeam product range.


Radiata pine grown in Northland is the strongest and stiffest mature pine produced in NZ so it’s ideal for specialist structural uses such as beams, square posts and SG10 applications. At our Waipu sawmill, Northpine combines these natural attributes with our ability to manufacture and custom process small batches of timber.
This product range is called Northbeam.

Standard products are generally available from all merchants throughout New Zealand within 3-4 days of order confirmation - longer if bespoke sizes or treatment.

Many products are available in lengths up to 7.2m, improving span capacity by up to 30%

Available in standard timber sizes to ensure seamless matching with other structural timber members

Northpine SG10 allows the optimisation of stud centre requirements, significantly reducing timber usage and the weight of frames

Merchants need only to order the volume of stock required for each job (no slow-moving SKUs left in the yard)

Beams and SG10 are standard sizes, so there’s no need to ‘pack’ timber to achieve sizing requirements

Architects and designers can use our helpful SG8/SG10 Span Tables to calculate the best products for their projects.

View or download our Span Tables Booklet here

Specify Northbeam on the plans and inform your builder or merchant.

All Northbeam products are BRANZ Appraised, and independently verified by Grade Right.


“Anything that is an odd size, or that we need in a hurry, we usually get from Northbeam. They normally have everything we want – their yard is well stocked – or they get it straight away. That makes life easier for us. Northbeam is our first port of call because they’re handy and efficient ... and good buggers!”

Dave Wilkins, Operations Manager, Contrax Ltd


“The people at Northbeam and Northpine are awesome to deal with. They are an ethically strong, reliable firm. Always friendly on the phone. Nothing is too much trouble, they go out of their way to help. It is very rare for us to have to wait for product to be delivered.”

Glenn ‘Podge’ Graham, Tuakau ITM
All Northbeam products are now BRANZ Appraised.