July 20, 2020

Northpine supports local projects in Bream Bay

The Waipu Heritage Precinct is slowly taking shape as small teams of volunteers lend their time and expertise to the restoration project.

Disabled access ramps are nearly finished, new doorways and entrance stairs are in place, and work is beginning on the interior of the buildings. A lovely wide footpath now links Halifax Drive to The Centre, passing right through the precinct and past the museum.

The Waipu Museum and community is very grateful for the incredible generosity of North pine in supplying of most of the materials used on the ramps and stairs, and in producing two signs which have been erected at either end of the site.  The precinct has also benefited from expert advice on health and safety procedures, thanks to John Lumby.

Please come and take a look sometime, and if you feel like it, join in.

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